Electric Car Motors For Sale

Planning a conversion from a gasoline-powered car to an electric automobile would require you to purchase some items. Specifically, you would need batteries, an electric motor, a motor controller and many other things. An electric car motor is very important because without it and the batteries, there is nothing for the car to derive its power from. Knowing that, you need to select your electric car motors carefully as well since there are so many types of electric car motors for sale to choose from.

Any wise consumer will always conduct careful research before he decides to purchase something. In the case of electric motors, you have to know what types of motors there are to choose from and which ones are more advantageous to your electric car conversion project. In this case, you can choose from two types of electric car motors for sale: the DC and the AC electric car motor.

The DC Motor

Compared to the AC motor, DC electric car motors for sale cost less. They are also easier to install. DC car motors are also able to overdrive themselves, but car owners can only use that feature for a very short period of time. Overdriving can hitch the motor’s power up for at most a factor of 10-to-1. So, for example, if you have an electric car motor accepting 20,000 watts of power, you can hike it up to at most 100,000 watts but only for a short period of time. You can find this feature handy for short accelerations.

However, DC electric car motors for sale easily build up heat that is why overdriving them for a prolonged period of time can be dangerous. This means that DC motors are not ideal for travels that greatly strain the machine. Going up hilly and inclined terrains would require bursts of acceleration and thus overdriving the batteries. DC motors won’t last long in that situation since the constant overdriving will heat up the battery to the point of self-destructing.

The AC Motor

On the other hand, choosing to run your electric car on AC motors have some advantages over choosing its DC counterpart. For starters, AC motors come in any industrial three-phase motors, so it takes you less time to find that motor with the specifications necessary for the project. Additionally, , AC electric car motors for sale don’t build up heat quickly compared to DC motors and can be used for rigorous travels that require constant bursts of acceleration.

The second advantage AC motors have over the DC motors is their efficiency in using the power of the batteries. They also have a neat “regen” feature. This feature maximizes the number of hours the batteries can keep the car running by producing power during braking and giving them back to the batteries.

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